The Detonics legacy of research, engineering and innovation began in 1976 with the introduction of the Detonics Combat Master. The Combat Master is recognized as the first commercial compact 1911 that were reliable. The reliability was a byproduct of engineering, as engineers who were contractors to NASA,
Department of Energy, the Department of Defense and the aerospace industries formed Detonics. The Detonics Combat Master was a masterpiece of engineering solutions. The engineering behind the Combat Master pioneered design and manufacturing processes that are now being used widely in the firearms industry.


In 2007 Bruce Siddle and Dr. Stephen Stahle acquired all assets and intellectual property of original Detonics corporations to create Detonics Defense Technologies. Siddle and Dr. Stahle had overlapping backgrounds in precision human factors; Siddle as a specialist in combat human factors and Dr. Stahle (a sports physician internist) who is an international expert in sports human factors. Since their acquisition, Detonics has engineered next generation technology based upon combat human factor (CHF) research designed to enhance precision under the stress of survival and/or combat.


When Detonics embraced the CHF engineering model, our goal was to produce combat precision that went beyond form and function. But we could not attain that goal using investment cast or forged parts, so we invested in a precision 9 axis CNC machine capable of holding tolerance within 1 thousand of an inch (.001).


The Detonics MTX, modular 1911 System (patent pending), introduces the first contoured grip and split frame design. This design consists of a modular frame that is “split” into the grip, rail, beaver tail and trigger guard. The modularity of the frame provides the client the ability to quickly interchange between compact and full size grips. And it also allows the client to change out different slide and barrel combinations with ease.


In this format, the Modular 1911 can quickly transform between the needs of the CCW client, a police officer who wants a single weapon that can be adapted to off-duty or on-duty needs in minutes, or for the new requirements of the department of defense. The Detonics MTX continues the long and storied path of firearms innovation.