The main focus of the Detonics weapon systems (MTX and STX) is the combat human factor engineered design. Through research, we identified important variables that can make a shooter more accurate under life or death stress. Another main focus of was comfort. We spent a great deal of time molding every curve and corner to give you the most pleasant shooting experience possible.

The combat human factor design began with the grip and frame. The highly undercut grip and trigger guard allow the hand to be higher on the pistol. This makes for a much smaller muzzle to wrist ratio. The lower the ratio is, the more easily a person can control recoil. We strongly believe that the lower recoil an individual feels, the more they will be willing to train. Training then leads to confidence, and confidence without stress leads to inherent confidence while under stress.

With the MTX and STX, we want the customer to be absolutely certain they have the best shooting experience possible. The grip has been heavily contoured. The contour allows for a wide variety of hand sizes to feel comfortable without the need to change grip panels or the back strap.

Finally, both the MTX and STX comes standard with extra wide controls. At Detonics, we believe that a firearm should be easily manipulated by any level of shooter. The extra wide controls help to train a positive, crisp response, whether it be for the magazine release, slide stop, or thumb safety. A shooter should never be searching for the proper grip to make the controls function.